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Logitech MeetUp and Logitech PTZ Pro 2

Hall & Wilcox is an independent commercial law firm acting for 20% of Australia’s top 100 companies, and it has over 650 employees and 78 partners across six offices nationwide.

The challenge

A cost-effective, user-friendly, and standardised solution

Hall & Wilcox was in need of a cost-efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly collaboration system that could be standardised and executed across their six national locations.

The firm was seeking a plug-and-play solution with premium video and audio experience and requiring little-to-no post-installation calibration.

The solution would need to be sufficiently cost effective for installation across 40 rooms, and it would need to be robust enough to support back-to-back meetings all day.

The Solution

A high-quality, standardised video collaboration solution

After trialing more than 10 video-collaboration solutions, Hall & Wilcox installed 38 Logitech Meetups and 12 PTZ Pro 2 cameras across their offices. The extra-wide field of view, integrated audio, and HD video features fulfilled the firm’s high-quality requirements. Further, the new setup was cost-efficient and compatible with their existing infrastructure.

Using Logitech’s Video Collaboration solutions allowed Hall & Wilcox to standardise their collaboration infrastructure, with every room having the same video and microphone technology for a streamlined, uniform user experience.

Logitech MEETUP
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The result

A new culture of user confidence in collaboration

Hall & Wilcox’s implementation of the Logitech Video Collaboration solution has completely transformed the company culture, leading to a new wave of user confidence in video collaboration.

With standardised collaboration solutions across all offices, staff can be flexible about their meeting locations. Teams can set up meetings and communicate and collaborate with ease, supporting the firm’s ongoing growth and expansion.

With a reduced need for travel for face-to-face meetings, greater trust in the technology, and increased flexibility about meeting locations, Hall & Wilcox has achieved its core values of collaboration and flexibility thanks to Logitech’s solutions.



“We tried upwards of 10 different manufacturers and devices… Once we found a solution that worked, we put it in every single room so the user experience got a lot better.”

Manager, Service Delivery - Hall & Wilcox

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