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USTWO, a digital product and service studio, has teams in New York, Sweden, London, Tokyo, LA, and Sydney. Effective internal collaboration between its global studios is a central priority because it enables USTWO to concentrate on its core ethos of delivering meaningful impact to society.

The challenge

Enhance cross-border collaboration for local offices

With its global offices, USTWO needed a reliable solution to support employees’ ability to engage in cross-border collaboration.

The ideal solution would enhance staff morale, drive a cohesive culture, and build a stronger sense of belonging between the Australian and international members of the business.

Additionally, the new communication infrastructure had to be compatible with the different collaboration systems used by each studio.

The Solution

Enhanced video conferencing that’s fully compatible

For its Sydney office, USTWO set up the Logitech MeetUp ConferenceCam Kit. This product was fully compatible with the collaboration systems of USTWO’s studios around the world, making the implementation effortless and fast.

Logitech’s Video Conferencing Kit features plug-and-play installation, allowing USTWO’s studio manager to set it up without any professional help.

Moreover, Logitech’s technology could easily connect with Google Hangouts, USTWO’s primary communication tool, which further streamlined the adoption process.

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The result

Improved employee connections and reduced isolation

USTWO’s Sydney staff were delighted with the functionality of the new Logitech Video Conferencing solution. Along with ease of implementation, the solution improved employee capacity for collaboration.

For example, the solution allowed a video conference - involving more than 30 people as well as USTWO’s New York-based CEO - to become more personal and connective because each attendee’s face was visible. For more distant locations like New York, the personalisation is especially vital as it supports a sense of connectedness, visibility, and collegiality.

Easy installation, compatibility, and practicality of Logitech’s solution have resulted in more efficient, productive meetings for all of USTWO’s employees, allowing them to focus on the agenda without disruption.



“There’s a huge bonus of being able to effectively see the team you’re working with, especially when you’re working on extended projects and need to put faces to names and voices.”

Manager, Marketing - USTWO

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