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The University of Tasmania is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide (ARWU 2016), boasting centres in 55+ locations and field researchers sprawled across the globe.

The challenge

Improve access to quality education across Tasmania

Regional Tasmania has limited access to quality education because many courses are only offered at big-city campuses.

UTAS wanted to increase the demand for university degrees in remote areas by connecting those locations with their wider ecosystem through real-time collaboration.

Because UTAS centres are spread all across the globe, the solution had to be cost effective, easy to move from one room to another, and easy for anyone to use.

The Solution

Video collaboration rooms + mobile computers on wheels

UTAS installed Logitech Meetup and Logitech GROUP at each of their locations. They were able to build 50+ shared collaboration spaces for the same price as 20 with other providers.

UTAS also needed setups that were movable, so they designed their own Mobile Computers On Wheels — trolley systems with Logitech cameras and Windows 10 PCs — which gave any room access to video conferencing through Skype for Business, Zoom, etc.

Logitech MEETUP
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The result

Experts in video collaboration

Organisations across Tasmania now routinely seek help from UTAS when setting up their own video collaboration solutions, purely because the university’s solution has been so effective at achieving their goals in a cost-effective and uncomplicated way.

With this recent innovation in video collaboration, UTAS is now successfully offering a wider range of courses to regional areas, with three new video-collab-enabled campuses coming in the near future.



“ We share a lot of learnings and knowledge with local Tasmanian organisations – they’re looking at the Universities meeting rooms and Video Conferencing solutions to guide the design process of their own spaces.”

Manager, Unified Communications IT Services - University of Tasmania

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