“What's the next step for you guys from a business point of view, keeping business running and doing things better?”
Business breakdown:
  • Webprofits are a leading global digital growth consultancy that recently shifted to a remote workforce
  • Wants to embrace remote first excellence through tech
  • Looking to lift the standards of collaboration at the office and at home
  • Excited to embrace the latest in Logitech gadgets
  • Already ahead of the trend, using some Logitech video collaboration solutions
  • Well-versed in Zoom
  • To service clients, the team, and society
  • To build an excellent partnership with Logitech
  • To better understand how to drive productivity
  • To be a better company, service provider and recruiter
  • A video conferencing solution that all staff can bring into mobile working spaces and ad hoc boardrooms
  • Something to help start ad hoc meetings
  • To turn any space into a meeting room
  • Something totally mobile

Logitech worked to understand the hybrid-remote working challenges faced by Webprofits to help them seize new opportunities as an evolving business.

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See how Logitech’s Business Development Manager, Josh Edwards, met with Managing Director of Webprofits, Paul Sprokkreeff, to find the best solution fit for the business. Webprofits wanted to ensure they would:

  • Stay ahead of the trend
  • Benefit from workforce enablement
  • Encourage adoption internally and externally

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“We are currently exploring how we can service our clients, service our team, and ultimately service society a bit better. I think for us, for me certainly, today we have an excellent partnership with Logitech to better understand what can we be doing to just drive our excellence further, to drive productivity and just be a better company, better service provider and better recruiter.”

Paul Sprokkreeff
Managing Director, Webprofits
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Discover the partnered process that enabled Logitech to guide Webprofits through the informed decision-making about what needed upgrading within their technology suite.

Step 1. To implement the plan, and keep Webprofits at the forefront of WFH and the new normal, the Head of Strategy at Webprofits was approached by Logitech with a vision of how to best upgrade the business to not just be remote-first but to become tech-first.

Step 2. Logitech assessed a number of different roles across the company, in terms of what their needs were from a product perspective. How often do they do video conferencing? What type of work are they actually doing?
With developers, designers, a sales team; there are multiple roles, and their needs from a technology perspective differ.

Step 3. Logitech then identified what bundles would be suitable for each of these roles, then put a plan in place to roll those out across the company. This included the correct setup and training.
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“Previously, we had full Logitech set up across all our boardrooms, and in our old office. We had the Rally set up, which was perfect. It was so easy to use. Everybody, knew how to use it. You could book it through the app. And it was just seamless. And now, we've moved into a new setting, where there really isn't great video conferencing.”

Ben Fitzpatrick
Head of Strategy, Webprofits
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“So what we did was, we worked with Josh and the Video Collaboration team to actually find what's going to be a solution that we can use to have great, big meetings with some people in a boardroom, and some people remote. What we came to was to leverage the MeetUp, a webcam where we actually bring the product with us into the boardroom.”

Ben Fitzpatrick
Head of Strategy, Webprofits
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"The Logitech team were able to a develop a fully customised solution for us when we went into lockdown back in March 2020, just as everything changed. Ultimately, what we saw was that we could work in a remote first environment, and we didn’t need to have the same office solution that we’ve had for the last 14 years to operate at the same high standard, globally. "

Matthew Siddle
Growth Strategist, Webprofits

See how Webprofits’s Head of Strategy, Ben Fitzpatrick, collaborated with Logitech to amplify the company’s remote-first working approach and:

  • Lift the perception of staff and sales pitches
  • Make productivity more comfortable
  • Create better communication with less interference

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For Webprofits, we picked our all-in-one conference cam with an ultra-wide lens for small rooms.


Designed for huddle rooms and other smaller spaces, MeetUp packs big features into a compact form factor.

Simple set-up

MeetUp connects to a computer or laptop via USB for easy installation and plug-and-play video conferencing.

Convenient mounts

Compact dimensions and versatile mounting options conserve space and minimise visible cabling.


“Paul specifically mentioned that he wanted a video conferencing solution that his staff could bring into these mobile working spaces... So, I've specifically chosen the MeetUp for him as it's a USB-C connection into the laptop, and then just a power adapter in as well. And from there, you'll get a 4K camera with beam, forming microphone array, and an all-in-one speaker bar as well. So effectively you can start ad hoc meetings or sales staff can come into a space and turn it into a meeting room at the drop of a hat, which is really what we want. So something that's quite mobile, something they can take with them into certain spaces.”



For Webprofits, we selected Logitech Brio as our best and most advanced business webcam. Packed with innovative technologies, Brio raises the bar for ultra 4K HD video collaboration excellence.

Perfect sound

The mics capture audio clearly from up to one meter away without amplifying background noise so conversations always sound natural and clear.

Best look

Meet, stream, and record with Brio in any light and always look your best. From low light to bright backlit sunshine, our high dynamic range (HDR) technology automatically adjusts.

Highly secure

Powered by both optical and infrared sensors, Brio delivers fast and secure facial recognition for Windows Hello.


“What I really want to push with this one for Paul and Webprofits is the lighting correction in environments that might have dim lighting. So they can effectively set up a working environment in lighting conditions less than optimal and still get their point across as much as they want and still communicate very well and sell effectively.”



We chose our bluetooth headset to help Webprofits work from anywhere with exceptional sound, flip-to-mute mic, and Qi wireless charging.

Easy focus

With active noise cancellation that reduces unwanted ambient sound, a Zone Wireless headset can help you focus on the task at hand and get more stuff done.

Clearer audio

Treat yourself to immersive sound when listening to music, phone calls and conference calls. The noise-canceling mic isolates your voice from the noise around you for clearer conversations.

All-day comfort

Designed for use all day, every day. The silicone-padded headband is lightweight and provides a fit that’s so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing a high-performance headset.


“I want to enable them with the Zone Wireless headset, which has active noise-canceling ear cups and noise canceling microphone that flips down and back up to mute and also runs on these zone wireless for saving dongles. So you can plug it in and, from the get go, it's a plug and play device that has wireless.”


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